How To Add Optifine To A Twitch Modpack? (Step-By-Step)

Whether you are looking to reduce lag or access more advanced graphics, Optifine is a must-have mod for every Minecraft gamer. It is an incredible addition to your mod pack. Today I’ll be sharing 5 easy steps on how to add Optifine to a Twitch Modpack effortlessly.

Already have an existing mod pack? Don’t worry; you can easily add Optifine to any mod pack. This article will help you add Optifine to a twitch mod pack. To add Optifine to a twitch mod pack, you first need to know the Minecraft version you are running.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Add Optifine To A Twitch Modpack

Follow the following 5 easy steps to add Optifine to a twitch mod pack:

Step 1 – Know Your Minecraft Version By Going Into The Twitch Launcher

Make sure that you already have a couple of modpacks downloaded and installed. In my case, I had this modpack installed called “Valhelsia 2“.

If you don’t have one of these modpacks, you can head over to the Browse Modpacks and get one installed for yourself.

Coming back to the point.

  • First, click on your “Mods”, then chose “Minecraft”, hit the “My Modpacks” feature, and you will see all the mod packs available in your twitch launcher. 
  • Go ahead and click on the mod pack that you want to add Optifine to.
  • Click on that specific modpack and you’ll see the current Minecraft version running on it.
  • Ensure you take note of the Minecraft version, as this will help us to download Optifine with the precise version you are running currently.

If you are finding it difficult, you can refer to this Youtube Video.

Step 2 – Open the Mods Folder Of Your Modpack

After checking the Minecraft Version, you are using, make sure that you leave the mods folder open in the background.

  • In your modpack that you have kept open to check the Minecraft version, now here you have to go to the settings icon of that modpack and click on the option called “Open Folder”.
  • This will let you open a file of that modpack on your computer.
  • A folder of that modpack will open on your computer containiing all the files of that modpack.
  • Now in that, find a folder called “mods” and open it.
  • Here you’ll see a lot of .jar files which is the mod for the game.
  • The next step is to install Optifine in that mods folder.
  • Don’t close that “mods” folder of that “modpack”, just let the folder be open and minimize the tab.

Step 3 – Download Optifine

Now, head to the internet browser of your choice and type in the search button “Download Optifine,” then hit the official link Look for the corresponding Minecraft version.

Pro Tip – If you find it challenging to download the latest version of Optifine, you can refer to this guide – Install Optifine In Minecraft – The Complete Guide, which will help you install optifine in Minecraft effortlessly.

Select the most updated version, that is, the highest version on the list. Click on “download,” then wait for the ad to be skippable, hit the “skip ad” feature.

Note Ensure that you download the Optifine version, which is compatible with Minecraft. For instance: You have Minecraft 1.17.1 installed on your computer, then make sure you download the Optifine version congruent to your Minecraft version.

After skipping the ad, a “Download Optifne” page launches. After downloading, open the folder, select it, right-click and copy it.

Copy that Optifine file, which you downloaded on your computer.

Step 4 – Install Optifine On The Twitch Modpack

Go back to the mods folder that you had left open before installing Optifine, right-click, and paste that downloaded Optifine file in that “mods” folder.

After this, Optifine installation is complete. You can now see it when you launch the game via Twitch launcher.

Step 5 – Play Twitch Modpack With Optifine

You can now head back to your twitch launcher and load up the game. You can easily be able to tell that you have installed Optifine to your twitch mod pack by following these simple steps:

  • Open up & play the game with that modpack, in which we had installed Optifine.
  • Go to options.
  • Click the video settings; if the page displays numerous video settings, the Optifine installation is complete.
  • You can also check the bottom left after clicking on the video settings; the Optifine version appears here.

In this way, you can be confirmed that you have added Optifine To A Twitch Modpack.

You can even look at this video if you are still stuck; I’m confident that your problem will be solved after this video. If your game crashes while launching the game, or your Optifine is not working with Twitch, you can make some tweaks mentioned at the end of this video.


Is It possible to add Optifine to an existing mod pack?

Yes, you can either install Optifine from scratch or add it to an existing mod pack.


So that was the whole article showing you how to add Optifine to a Twitch Modpack step-by-step.

Adding Optifine to a twitch mod pack is excellent for any Minecraft lover. Enjoy more shades and FPS with this incredible Minecraft optimization mod.

I hope that I have helped you throughout the article; if there are any problems at your side and you want me to resolve them, comment down your issues in the comment section, and I would love to help you.

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